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We established our wood decks installation company, Michael Beach Fence, and have been proud providers of excellence for over 30 years now! We cater to the Homosassa, FL are and would love to show you how we’ve gained the respect and trust of countless customers before you!

Fence Contractor

A Well-Managed Team

When a team is well-managed, the work runs smoothly – always. That’s a fact we are privy to in our line of work and have experienced ourselves on every occasion. Working as a unit and knowing who is responsible for what brings about a professional sense to a team and makes it a well-oiled machine everyone wants to hire. Work with a fence contractor coming from a team of experts – every aspect of your property – be it a fence, deck, or pool, will be cared for with quality and passion!

Trust is Everything to Us

If we’ve managed to gain the trust of our customers through our professionalism and display of hard work and skill – that’s everything! It makes our work worthwhile, and we know that the customers will be comfortable with us and be able to open up and tell us how they want things done. That’s the aspect that most resonates with us. We must know that aside from the brilliant wood decks we’re offering, we are humble, respectable, and worthy of your trust!

Call Michael Beach Fence at (813) 763-3856 and request to work with a fence contractor who gets things done. Guarantee excellence for your property in Homosassa, FL, and trust we’ll provide it! 

Services List

  • Pergola Installation
  • Trellis Installation
  • Above-Ground Swimming Pool Installation
  • Deck and Fence Installation
  • Installation and Repairs
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